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March 9 : Homework 4 due March 16 on Github.
March 30 : Midterm presentations are April 3rd. Come to hear what your classmates have been doing!

Course Staff

★ Allegra Domel

Helllooo. Talking about myself would violate my NDA.

★ Vivek Vaidya


Duke Vijitbenjaronk

I'm a sophomore in computer engineering with research interests in machine learning and parallel/distributed computing.

Zachary Mabry

I like to play video games and code small fun projects.

Aria Malkani

Two truths one lie: I like coffee, I'm a CS major, I'm tall.

Megha Mallya

Sips Boba Tea.

Victor Niu

I like cats. I also teach.

Connor McCloskey

I'm currently a junior at UIUC studying Economics and Statistics with a minor in Computer Science. I enjoy working out, hanging with friends, and making ridiculously complicated coffee.

Sahil Bhatt

// TODO: Insert bio here...

Osmar Coronel

I am a professional Paraguayan programmer preparing practice problems (…for my pupils). I also enjoy working in Mobile, Web and Analytical Data.

Andrew Park

They don't call me AI Park for nothing

Arkin Dharawat

Data Analyst. Student entrepreneur. Card Thrower. Not a GoT fan. I blog about AI and technology trends in my spare time.

Chen Qian

Sophomore in Computer Science, front end web developer.

Zhuoyue Wang

Sophomore in computer science major, interested in data science

Richa Misra

say no to drugs and yes to memes

Ayush Ranjan

Sophomore in Computer Science and Math. I spend all staff-meetings thinking how they got the table through the door. You got to C#(ly) to know me better ;)

Brian Yu

I enjoy everything coding, gaming and table tennis! I also ride the unicycle!

Shreyas Mohan

I am a freshman studying computer engineering. I am involved with HackIllinois and Hack4Impact on campus and enjoy playing basketball and viola in my free time.

Ziv Kaputa

Sleep enthusiast. Meme lover. Professional procrastinator.

Akash Mukherjee

I'm a freshman in Computer Science who loves martial arts, football, and music. My CS interests include bioinformatics, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Sathwik Pochampally

I love movies, sunsets, cars and cameras. In that specific order.

Saym Imtiaz

I'm just a fun feisty thug who loves computer science and fighter jets. Hit me up if you need that good CS advice.

Akhil Mohan

More a mathematician than a programmer. Sometimes, I leave my sentences incompl

Spencer Gilbert

I'm a freshman in CS from Scranton, PA. "Ain't no party like a Scranton party cause a Scranton party don't stop."

Susie Lee

always down for an adventure

Alpri Else

I'm a Freshman in Pre-Engineering and am interested in front end web development. Other than CS, I'm in Naval ROTC and pursue photography,.

Prithvi Ramanathan

I live at CRCE

David Levering

I'm a junior in CS & Stats. I love musicals, personal finance, PC gaming, movies, programming, ping-pong/tennis, and Piazza memes.

Aditya Bhansali

Aditya is a freshman in computer science and is interested in big data and machine learning. He often spends his free time playing the piano and running.